Water bag film


Water bag film

Basis structure: PE / PE / TIE / PA / TIE / PE / PE

The thickness of the bagged water film is 60micro,70micro,75micro

Product advantages:

1.High barrier: take advantage of different plastic material barrier properties and the difference, achieve to oxygen, water, carbon dioxide, odor and other high barrier effects.

2.Strong function:oil resistance,moisture resistance,withstand 120 high temperature cooking, low temperature freezing, quality preservation and smell preservation.It can be used for vacuum packaging, aseptic packaging and inflatable packaging.

3.Low cost: relative to other plastic packaging, glass packaging and aluminum foil packaging, to achieve the same barrier effect, co-extruded film has a greater advantage in cost. Due to the simplicity of the process, the production costs can be reducedby 10-20% compared to dry composite membranes and other composite membranes.

4.Structural design flexibility: using different structural designs to meet the needs of different products shelf life.

5.High strength: Coextrusion film has the characteristics of stretching in the processing process, then can improve the corresponding tensile strength, it can also be added nylon, metallocene polyethylene plastic materials, so that it has more strength than the general  plastic composite packaging , There is no delamination phenomenon, good flexibility, excellent sealing performance.

6.Small capacity ratio: Coextrusion film can be vacuum shrink packaging, volume ratio of nearly 100%, which is glass, tin, paper packaging can not match

7.No pollution: no adhesive, no residual solvent pollution, green.