Notice of the convening of the seminar on the marketing and technical development of the 2016 functional thin film industry

Notice of the convening of the seminar on the marketing and technical development of the 2016 functional thin film industry

All relevant enterprises:

Since 2012 since the second half of the year, due to the poor state of the global economy, China's economic downward continued to increase pressure, combined with capacity is serious and superfluous, film industry has entered the depth adjustment period, business pressures, a serious decline in the economic efficiency, trapped in the only way out of is through the adjustment of product structure, develop new functional film to digest excess capacity, which will be the main task of the film industry in the period of 45, the key point is also the film industry to walk out of predicament.

To film industry technology innovation, accelerate the film industry, industrial upgrading, to explore "45" function during the film industry development trend in the future, AC manufacturing functional film of new equipment, new technologies, promote new raw and auxiliary materials, research and downstream enterprises demand, promote function of film production enterprises to strengthen technology research and development, improve the level of equipment maintenance, AC supply of spare parts, to promote the function of film industry and downstream industry chain to keep the sustainable development, the study, decided to from 22 to 23 April 2016 in Shanghai Xingrong Wen Demu to respect Grand Plaza Royale Hotel held "2016 functional film industry market and technology development seminar".

The meeting organized by the China plastics processing industry association, China plastic BOPP film, plastic Chinese of biaxially oriented polyester film, plastic film of Chinese Committee, Chinese Plastic Group Co Al film club, blown film processing technology of contractors, Shanghai Yongchao Vacuum Aluminum Company Limited, the German Brukner mechanical Limited by Share Ltd and Germany Kangfu machinery Co. Ltd., Zhejiang Feierte Filter Technology Co. Ltd., Nantong Sanxin plastics equipment Polytron Technologies Inc, Italy ME.RO.S.p.A. company, Weihai sun filter Co. Ltd and Guangzhou Si Kendall electronic measurement equipment Co. Ltd., American micro Visual Inspection Technology Co. Ltd., McGregor Hangzhou Hengnuo Machinery Co. Ltd., Foshan morning express plastic additives Co., Qingzhou city Baofeng coating Technology Co., Ltd. to provide sponsorship.

The relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:

First, the main content of the meeting

In 1 and 2015, the development of functional thin film industry is introduced and discussed in 2016;

2, functional thin film industry new equipment, new technology, new technology introduction;

3, functional thin film industry, a variety of raw materials introduced;

4, BOPP, BOPA, BOPS, BOPE and other biaxially oriented film industry "13th Five-Year" development planning and technology development advice;

5, cast film industry "13th Five-Year" development planning and technology development advice;

6, vacuum coating industry "13th Five-Year" development planning and technology development advice;

7, to explore the development status of the industry and the packaging film "13th Five-Year" development strategy;

8, water treatment membrane and air purification membrane industry development opportunities;

9, the exchange of functional thin film production line maintenance and energy saving technology;

10, functional film industry chain inspection, testing and communication;

11, functional film industry chain equipment, spare parts, raw materials and sample pictures;

12, downstream application industry, the exchange of the situation;

During the conference, the University and the Research Institute will be invited to make the transfer of the latest scientific and technological achievements.

Two, data preparation

To open the meeting, please some enterprises do communication data preparation (see Annex A), writing paper, to February 25th in word format, by e-mail sent to Conference team.

Three, the date and place of the meeting

Report all day on April 22, 2016. On the night of October 22 19:00-22:00 held new materials, new technology, new equipment, new products conference (free release, intends to release unit please contact the conference group) and 45 draft planning conference, delegates 22 afternoon arriving at the meeting hotel).

22 at 19:00-22:00 held biaxially oriented polypropylene film, cast film, aluminium plating film three committee vice chairman of above enterprises blown film for packaging with, BOPET, BOPA backbone enterprises peak forum, 2016 and thirteen during economic situation and film industry enterprise development strategy is discussed.

23 day of the general assembly. April 24, organized some of the enterprises to participate in the China Plastics Processing Industry Association of the seventh members of Congress and plastics processing application technology forum, part of the organization of cast films are interested enterprises to visit Nantong Sanxin plastics equipment Technology Co., Ltd. CPE film packaging production line boot demonstration. 25, am to participate in the opening ceremony of the thirtieth China International Plastics and rubber industry exhibition, and visit the exhibition.

Report to: Wyndham Grand Plaza Royale Oriental Shanghai (five-star), Pudong New Area, Pudong Shanghai Avenue, No. 2288, Tel: 021-58526666, contact: Wang Quansheng manager, mobile phone 13918577080.

Four, the principle of charging

The conference fee includes dining, meeting rooms, conference fees and other information.

1, for each of the various tertiary institutions, Scientific Research Institute of charge 1000 yuan conference fees, such as the dining self-care free participants, welcome to universities, research the meeting to film the latest achievements in science and technology transfer, in the evening of 22 new materials, new technology, new equipment, new products conference free of charge release;

2, to engage in the production of plastic products, film distributor member companies each conference fee charge 1000 yuan, non member companies each receive 1200 yuan conference fee, such as the dining self-care free participants.

3, the biaxial tensile, casting, aluminum, blown film machine