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PA/PP co-extruded film

Understand detailed information about the product

Advantages and characteristics:

1. Good transparency and smoothness;

2. Good solvent resistance;

3. It can withstand cooking at 121 ° C for 30 minutes and can be used as packaging for cooking and pesticide packaging;
4. Thickness range: 30-300um.

Product Description:

PA/PP co extruded film is an asymmetric structure of PAPP co extruded film. PA has excellent strength and puncture resistance. Due to the fact that co extruded PA has not undergone biaxial stretching, it has better puncture resistance compared to biaxial stretched PA. PAPP has good solvent resistance and can be used as a pesticide container. At the same time, the PAPP co extruded film can be used for deep drawing and can withstand 121 ° C30 minute cooking, which is suitable for packaging of dried tofu.

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