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The current situation of packaging films in China: overcapacity of ordinary film

With the vigorous development of China's industrial tape and functional film industries, the demand for high-end coating and cutting technology equipment, as well as precision forming and die-cutting of materials in the later stage, is constantly increasing. As a leading exhibition of functional films and adhesive tapes, FILM&APFO Expo Shanghai 2015 will be held grandly from July 7th to 9th at the Shanghai New International Expo Center, in conjunction with the well-known 2015 Shanghai International All Touch Expo. The exhibition has gathered over 100 well-known manufacturers from the functional film, adhesive tape, precision coating, and cutting technology equipment industries, and is expected to attract 12000 professional buyers from the electronics industry, especially the touch screen industry, to visit and purchase. It is an industry event that industry insiders cannot miss!
Highlight 1: Precise positioning, creating an industry procurement event
FILM&APFO Expo Shanghai 2015 will fully leverage the characteristics of Shanghai as an Asian business and trade center, committed to making the exhibition a successful procurement conference for the functional film and adhesive tape industry. Although the exhibitors at this exhibition are smaller than those at the Shenzhen exhibition in terms of exhibition scale, well-known enterprises in various industrial chains such as functional films, adhesive tapes, coating, and cutting technology equipment have participated. The TAP special invited VIP project team of the film and adhesive tape exhibition has conducted in-depth promotion, invitation, and trade matching before the exhibition. This exhibition has not yet started, and some buyers' purchase lists have already proven to industry insiders, including exhibitors, that the exhibition will attract technical and procurement personnel from the film and adhesive tape industry, as well as those from die-cutting, electronics, mobile phones, optoelectronics, and display industries to visit and purchase with a new attitude.
Highlight 2: Exhibitors from major brands gather to cover the entire industry chain
It is understood that this exhibition brings together the entire film and adhesive tape industry chain, especially well-known brands from the East China region. Among them, equipment manufacturers include Jinwei, Xiotake, etc; Material manufacturers include Tongli Optoelectronics, Nippon Electric, and Precision Coating New Materials; In addition, the Shenzhen Federation of Commerce, together with multiple film and adhesive tape enterprises, has formed a strong franchise with a exhibition area of hundreds of square meters. It can be said that this exhibition is a gathering of major brands, covering the entire industry chain including film, adhesive tape, coating, slitting technology equipment, and precision forming and die-cutting of materials in the later stage.
Highlight 3: Multiple professional forums in the touch industry are excellent opportunities for industry insiders to gain insight into business opportunities and understand market trends
At the same time as this year's Film and Adhesive Tape Exhibition, multiple rich and colorful forum activities will be held. According to the organizers, this exhibition forum has invited over 40 professional speakers, including professors and doctoral students from prestigious universities, scholars from research institutes, association experts, as well as senior executives from well-known domestic and foreign enterprises. The aim is to provide a zero distance communication platform for professionals in the film and adhesive tape industry. In addition to visiting the exhibition, You can also obtain industry information, gain insight into market development trends, learn and understand the latest technological applications, discuss hot topics of concern with exhibitors and peers, establish and harmonious relationships, and find excellent opportunities for trade and agency from a large number of exhibits, in order to achieve the best viewing effect in a short period of time. It is expected that the total size of this forum will reach 800 people.


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