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Coffee bags

Explore our diverse range of coffee packaging solutions, catering to all your needs. Our options include three-side seal flat pouches, flat-bottom coffee aluminum foil bags, stand-up foil pouches, side gusseted bags, and eight-side seal bags. Each of these packaging types is designed to meet the specific requirements of the coffee industry.

For the export packaging of green coffee beans, a simple and common choice is burlap. Instant coffee packaging does not have specific material requirements and typically uses standard food packaging materials. However, packaging for coffee powder requires materials that prevent oxidation. This can include opaque plastic composite materials as well as environmentally friendly kraft paper composite materials.

One-way valves are used to release carbon dioxide from the bags while preventing external oxygen from entering (as oxygen can oxidize coffee beans, causing the aroma to evaporate and altering the coffee's flavor). Air valves ensure the freshness and quality of the coffee.

Our packaging offers excellent sealing performance and effective barrier properties, protecting against water and air.

Storage: Please store in a dry, cool, ventilated environment, away from light and heat sources.

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