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High performance functional film is the main focus of the future industry

The plastic industry is a vibrant industry. Not only is there external power provided by the rapidly growing and flexible demand from downstream markets, but the new global technological revolution and industrial transformation triggered by emerging internet information technology have fundamentally shaken the original industrial foundation, market structure, and processing system of the plastic industry.

The production structure and organizational structure within the industry must keep up with the pace of the transformation from traditional manufacturing to modern manufacturing in order to survive and develop. At present, most of China's high-end functional membranes still need to be imported. In the situation of severe overcapacity in general membrane materials such as BOPP and BOPET, developing high-end high-performance functional membranes is the main direction of the future industry.

Functional membrane materials have exceptional expertise in fields such as electronic information, new energy, and environmental governance. There are many types of functional membranes, including optical membranes, lithium battery separators, packaging adhesive membranes, ion exchange membranes, diffusion dialysis anion and cation membranes, PET membranes for photovoltaic applications, diffusion membranes, transparent conductive membranes, electromagnetic shielding membranes, window membranes, decorative membranes, solar cell backplate membranes, reverse osmosis nanofiltration membranes, flexible organic polymer films, etc.

In order to promote the development of high-performance membrane material technology and industry, the Ministry of Science and Technology has included water treatment membranes, solar cell membranes, flat panel display membranes, semiconductors and microelectronics thin films as key support projects for new materials. With the progress of society and the improvement of environmental protection requirements, plastic films have become a concern of environmental protection departments due to their long degradation cycle and easy formation of white pollution after disposal. At the turning point of industry development, enterprises with workshop style, extensive style, and low technological content will inevitably be eliminated.

On the basis of continuous breakthroughs in cutting-edge technology in the plastic industry, we focus on the current key and common core technologies, and strive to narrow the gap between high-tech production and developed countries. The acceleration of technological progress will endow plastic materials and plastic products with more new functions, and innovative and functional film enterprises that can seize market opportunities and adapt to social development will usher in a new wave of development.

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