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Highlighting the role of sensors in food packaging machinery


Flexible packaging refers to packaging in which the shape of the container can change after filling or removing the contents. Various bags, boxes, covers, envelopes, etc. made of plastic film, paper, aluminum foil, fibers, and their composites are all soft packaging. Generally, sheet plastic with a thickness of less than 0.25mm is referred to as a thin film. Glass paper bags, plastic film bags, plastic composite film bags, plastic woven bags, and plastic woven composite bags are collectively referred to as plastic flexible packaging.

Source: National statistics: With the increasingly prominent issue of food safety, China has attached more and more importance to food safety, which has led to refined requirements for food testing technology. In the past, China's food machinery manufacturing plants neglected the application of food detection technology, and compared to improving the overall performance of the machine, food detection technology will have greater development space. Sensing technology plays an important role in food detection technology, including collecting food temperature, location, etc.

It is understood that integrated circuit detectors have been widely applied in foreign food processing factories, and this technology can detect the deterioration time of food. The food quality inspection configuration mainly consists of a scanner and sensors. As long as the inspector aims the scanner at the food and emits a wireless wave signal, it will cause the food to vibrate and form a music wave, which is transmitted to the sensor.

By comparing the parameters of the standard database, the date of food spoilage can be detected in a short period of time, and the detection results are very accurate. The detection technology in food packaging machinery is no longer limited to the application on production lines. With the increasing importance of food detection in China, the application field of detection technology will further expand.

In machine vision products, color machine vision products have been applied in food inspection, mainly judging the maturity and quality level of food through its color. In addition, the application of wireless sensor networks is also rapidly spreading, and large food processing factories abroad have applied this technology to systems that collect food information and ensure food safety.

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