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PA/EVOH/PP co-extruded film

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PA/EVOH/PP, PP/PA/EVOH/PA/PP high-temperature and high barrier stretch formed film, suitable for high-temperature cooking and high barrier ham forming packaging, etc.

Advantages and characteristics:
1. It has high barrier properties, which can extend the shelf life of items and maintain their fragrance for a long time;
2. Good film transparency and appearance, good thickness deviation, and good heat sealing performance;
3. The special multi-layer interlayer structure arrangement provides good mechanical properties and processing adaptability for the thin film;
4. It can withstand cooking at 121 ℃ and is stretchable.

Product Description:
PA/EVOH/PP co extruded film is used for packaging food, beverages, easily oxidized items, and products with bones and thorns, which can extend the storage life of the packaged materials;

Protect the packaging and provide a transparent visual packaging effect for the packaged items;

PA/EVOH/PP co extrusion film can be used for stretch forming packaging, and can be widely used in meat packaging, dried tofu packaging and medical product packaging.

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