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Spout Pouch

Spout pouch packaging is primarily used in products like fruit juices, sports drinks, bottled drinking water, drinkable jellies, condiments, and more. Besides the food industry, the application of spout pouches is gradually increasing in products such as cleaning supplies, daily cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and other categories. Spout pouches make it more convenient to pour, sip, or extract the contents and can be resealed and opened repeatedly.

They are used for packaging liquids, gels, and semi-solids like beverages, shower gel, shampoo, ketchup, cooking oil, jellies, and more.

Our bags have strong heat seal fastness, pressure-resistance, drop-resistance, and puncture-resistance, preventing leaks.

By adding a spout and zipper, they can be reused, offering strong sealing, easy storage, and suitability for manual and automatic filling and sealing.

They provide excellent printing quality, meeting complex printing requirements and allowing for high-definition, high-precision, and high-saturation patterns that produce striking visual impact.

Spout pouches are space-efficient, making products more portable and convenient to use.

They offer good barrier properties, light resistance, oil resistance, and are odor-free.

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